Fit Girl takes the think-work out of exercise and nutrition. We know how difficult it is to get started and how intimidating and overwhelming exercise and nutrition information can be, so we have created products to guide and motivate you along the way so you can spend less time worrying about what exercise to do next at the gym, or what to make for dinner that fits into their calorie allowance; and more time living a content and fulfilling, multifaceted life. 

We believes in the holistic incorporation of health and wellness into the lives of busy women. We have created 2 product offerings that make health and exercise information and motivation easily accessible and easy to use.

  • The Fit Girl App Plans provide comprehensively mapped out workout plans with specific difficulty focuses that can be performed at home or at the gym , with minimal equipment needs.
  • The Fit Girl Kitchen is a collection of all our favorite Summer recipes that are healthy and delicious. We have also included a calorie and macros breakdown for each recipe, as well as the time needed and servings we recipe so that it makes it easier for our customers to reach their nutrition goals. We have also included informational chapters on calories, craving hacks and planning to help our customers attain their goals
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