How Adding Fibre to your Diet Helps You Lose Weight


We love food... Like literally LOVE. In the endearing way you love your favourite pair of jeans. Yes, one could live without the bursts of flavour and gorgeous texture, but life would be meaningless without it. Am I right? 

So we've gone and done some research on how we can lose weight and still eat flavour rich, wholesome and tasty foods. The answer is fibre. Soluble fibre to be exact! It has been shown to have some powerful effects on your health and metabolism. There's a catch though. You see, not all soluble fibre is created the same. Let me explain:

Fibre feeds the Gut Bacteria

Like all organisms, Gut Flora need food to survive. So by adding soluble fibre to your diet, you're feeding the bacteria responsible for many biological functions, such as blood sugar control, immunity and digestion. 

Fibre Reduces Appetite

Fibre has been linked to feeling satiated. We feel fuller so we consume less calories. 

What about taking a fibre supplement? 

If you cannot find fibre naturally, then, by all means, consumen the alternative. But if you can consume fibre in its natural, unprocessed form it will be of far more benefit to you. Foods rich in fibre are beans, flax seeds, asparagus, brussels sprouts and oats.

Easy ways to add fibre to your diet

My first step was to change my breakfast. I have steel cut oats in the morning which provides my body with sufficient fuel and fibre for my very busy mornings. 

I have an afternoon shake, and add ground flax seeds to the shake. It doesnt look pretty, but tastes good and really fills the that late afternoon gap before supper. 

Be careful not to ramp up your fibre intake too fast. 

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