Maintain Your Workout Progress with Resistance Bands

At the end of this week, most of us will close the book on the 2017 working year, kick up our heels and relax. It's time for a some rest and deservedly so! 

Here comes the tough part... maintaining those workouts! You've worked hard for at least the past 12 weeks to feel confident in your bikini, but without a routine to stick to or the excuse of not having a gym nearby, what's keeping you motivated? 

Well... get ready for my go-to on-the-road workout equipment: RESISTANCE BANDS!

Here's why I love them: 

  1. They're great for fast, full body workouts. And they will challenge every major muscle group in your body.

  2. Anyone can use them - No matter your fitness level! Beginner or expert, Resistance bands come in a range of resistances. Add multiple bands to increase the challenge.

  3. Uses a Tiny Amount of Storage Space. All you need is a drawer - literally.
  4. An Easy Way to add Variety to your Workout. The body is incredible and adapts to new movements fast! Adding resistance band sets between your free weights or machine based sets adds ongoing variety. 
  5. Really Cost Effective. Resistance bands vary in cost, but are generally cost effective and can be purchased in packs or individually. 
  6. You can still do Old School moves! Yip! They're completely uncomplicated and you can still do the trusted bicep curl, or add extra resistance to your push up.
  7. They're great for Travel. This is by far my favourite reason to have restistance bands! They weigh almost nothing and can be stashed into even the fullest suitcase. No more excuses!

They are truly the simplest way to keep active and maintain your training routine while your on holiday, or when your not in the mood to train at the gym!

Have a fab holiday season babes!

xx Aneeka



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