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Moving your body is a form of self care


Good health gives you that gorgeous glow


Fuel your body with the right foods

We are inspired by you

We have always been inspired by women and how amazingly multi-faceted they are. Women are great at getting things done, but not so great at putting themselves first.

So we've created a brand that will help women do just that! We believe in holistic fitness and wellness, and that looking after yourself is a catalyst for positive change in so many other aspects of your life.

We want to be part of it - we want to be part of your journey to living without limits!

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Come on in to the Fit Girl Kitchen

The Fit Girl Kitchen: Summer Menu is the first of a series of exciting and informative recipe books written by Aneeka Buys.

These recipes are part of a collection of Aneeka's own recipes that have been tweaked over the years to create healthier versions of her family favourites.

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